Saturday, August 7, 2010

Steve Mcclure - Inspiration.

Right now I’m at the Nordic Youth Camp on the small island of Bornholm. There are kids from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland; they are keen, and climbing well! It’s a big event, spread over more than a week, and I’m impressed at the amount of effort the organisers put in, all for no payment of course. It runs like clockwork and the kids are clearly loving it, and climbing all the better for it. This island has the only climbing in Denmark and it’s great to get them out on the rock, where movement and exploration is important and competition results are kicked into touch!

I’m lucky, I get to see a lot of top climbers doing really hard stuff and I don’t have to watch it on film. Sharma, Graham, Ramon, Ondra. I’ve climbed with them and I’m blown away by their strength and ability. But occasionally, very occasionally, I’m truly moved by someone’s efforts, where actual grades are unimportant but the tenacity, the drive to succeed, and the love of the sport shines through. Here on the island I watched 12 year old Bryndis trying a boulder problem over and over again, closer and closer every time. Energy and skin were diminishing and time was running out. Everyone was willing her on as she fought desperately to sort her feet with boots two sizes too big. I leant her mine, a pair of 5.10 anasazi, for probably the last chance of the day. But it was the last go anyway, as she nailed it, just! Awesome. I gave her the boots, she absolutely deserved them. And everyone watching got a glimpse of what it takes to be your best.

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