Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Documentary The Climb

Thursday March 27 at 9pm on CBC-TV & Saturday March 29 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

On October 5th, 1982, Laurie Skreslet scaled more than twenty-nine thousand feet to become the first Canadian on Mount Everest. For Canadians, it was moment of unadulterated pride. For Skreslet and his fellow climbers, it was a triumph littered with bitterness, broken relationships and the bodies of four dead men.

Laurie and Pat
Laurie Skreslet with fellow Everest summiter Pat Morrow.
The Climb takes Skreslet and fellow summiter Pat Morrow back to Base Camp, reliving the traumatic and triumphant events of 1982. But this is no stroll back to the mountain. Pat Morrow faces the challenge of a mystery illness that might prevent his return to the mountain. And Laurie Skreslet has brought his nineteen year old daughter, Natasha – a young woman who has hardly seen her father in ten years.

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