Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ricky Bell - First days on rock 2011

Christmas and New Years was prime. A bit quieter than previous years but nice none the less. I've just started back working on the ropes after a relatively unproductive spell off. Unproductive in terms of climbing on rocks but productive in the relation to the design an
build of the donnybrook time machine/gerbalirium.

I inherited a gerbal called "Octavian" I didn't think I'd be psyched for this style of pet or any sort of pet really, but Octavian has done himself proud recently. In the last week he's landed on the floor more times than Andy Marshall and yesterday I came home to find him in the dish washer!

I managed to get out on rock for the first time this year at the Head.

It was so nice to get back up to the Head and to look up at the crag. I'm looking forward to climbing on my projects that have just been waiting up there. I'm also looking forward to the arrival of a crack team of dark horses from Dublin for a bit more bloddering action soon....

Very psyched!


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